I love clouds. Thin ones, fat ones, wispy ones, colourful ones, especially the dramatic ones and I am now providing my Cloudscape prints for sale.

There is something magical about lying on your back looking up at the sky. I love how you can see dragons, feel like you are under a breaking wave in the ocean or imagine an Earnest Hemmingway portrait in the clouds and 20 seconds later they are completely different.

Unless you take a picture it only ever existed in your mind and you will never see the same shapes and colour combination again.

I have been photographing cloudscapes and storing them on backup drives for years, there are hundreds more that are waiting to be edited when I have time.

These beautiful scenes shouldn’t be stored on a hard drive or in “the cloud”, so I have decided to make these Cloudscape prints for sale as fine art and canvas prints so you can look at them and also imagine dragons and Earnest Hemmingway portraits like I do. In the meantime go outside, lie on the ground and you’ll see what I mean.

28 11 2012 #10

I tried to come up with a great name for each of the images, but after pulling my hair out I decided to use a naming convention based on the date of capture and number of images for that date.
That would name the images the date they were taken and if there were multiple on that day, a number.

28 11 2012

There are a few where something has jumped out at me and those have been named.

 P.S. 28 11 2012 #10 is one of my favourites.


The Tempest

A violent windy storm.
“a raging tempest”

These images are the dramatic, goose-bump inducing storm clouds I love so much.
When I look at these images I am reminded of the cool breeze on my skin and the anticipation of a thunderstorm.

Partly Cloudy

/ˈpɑːtli klaʊdi/
It is partly cloudy when the clouds are conspicuously present, but do not completely dull the sky.

Cirrocumulus, cirrus, cirrostratus, altocumulus and altostratus, stratus, cumulus and stratocumulus.
A bit of a mouthful right – so lets simplify it into any cloud type where there is still a lot of blue sky around.
These are quite exciting because for me portraits of Ernest Hemmingway are most prevalent in partly cloudy skies.


Adjective: cloudy; comparative adjective: cloudier; superlative adjective: cloudiest

(of the sky or weather) covered with or characterized by clouds.
“a very grey, cloudy day”
Synonyms: overcast, clouded, clouded over

As above, only more cirrocumulus, cirrus, cirrostratus, altocumulus and altostratus, stratus, cumulus, and stratocumulus coverage.


The colours and light visible in the sky on an occasion of the sun’s disappearance in the evening, considered as a view or spectacle.
“A blue and gold sunset”

Have you ever tried to reproduce a sunsets colours, they always seem to fall short of the real thing. Possibly our brain has a saturation filter to enhance things like sunsets, but I suspect if you could experience the sounds, temperature, wind on your skin at the time you captured the sunset, it would reproduce quite close to the real thing.