I love clouds.
Thin ones, fat ones, wispy ones, colourful ones,
especially the dramatic ones.

There is something magical about lying on your back looking up at the sky. I love how you can see dragons, feel like you are under a breaking wave in the ocean or imagine an Earnest Hemmingway portrait in the clouds and 20 seconds later they are completely different.

Unless you save a picture it only ever existed in your mind and you will never see the same shapes and colour combination again.

I have been photographing cloudscapes and storing them on backup drives for years, there are hundreds more that are waiting to be edited when I have time.

These beautiful scenes shouldn’t be stored on a hard drive or in “the cloud”, so I have decided to make them available as fine art and canvas prints so you can look at them and also imagine dragons and Earnest Hemmingway portraits like I do.